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“’I have been impressed with the unique way in which the WA School of Pilates is managed and operated – the innovation, the personal touch, the professionalism, passion and friendliness of of all instructors, the quality of the classes, the commitment and dedication of the entire team.’ ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Beginners course. The trainers explained all exercises extremely well! It is the first course I have attended that I look forward to the next. I have decided to change from yoga to Pilates – thank you!’”

Jane Doe

“’I really enjoyed the course. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated the detailed knowledge of the instructors and their insistence on precision. I found all the instructors were easy to follow and also very encouraging.’”



John Doe

“’Great course – very patient and friendly throughout the course. Good to know principles and technique behind each move – looking forward to attending classes.’”

Tina Doe

“’Have done years of ballet, yoga and martial arts and have always considered myself to be a very body aware person, so was very impressed to be discovering all sorts of new things about my body…’”

Tina Doe

“’I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to continuing. I am very pleased to have found something I actually enjoy that strengthens and lengthens my muscles and improves flexibility. I have highly recommended Pilates to friends and family.’”

Jane Doe

“’The Pilates course increased my body awareness and understanding of the physiology of movement. My lower back has improved and I haven’t been able to bend over and touch the floor in a long time. I feel a lot looser in my back – thank you very much.’”

Bob Doe

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